The Quilting Bug is a professional long arm machine quilting service located near the Werribee Plaza, Hoppers Crossing.



Brandywine Panto

Debs Feathers

Drop Feather Curl 2

Drop Feather Curl 3

Drop Feather Curl

Enchanting Feathers

Fancy Feathers

Feather Chain

Feather Florish

Feather Meandering

Feather n Flower

Feather Plumes

Feather Shell

Feather Swirl Panto

Feather Swirl

Feather Truffles

Feathered Leaves

Feather Panto 1

Georgianna Feathers Panto

Georgianna Panto

Goose Down

Megans Feathers Panto

Merrily Feathers

Michaels Gift Panto 1

Romancing Feathers

Simple Feather Meandering