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Welcome to The Quilting Bug


The Quilting Bug is a professional long arm machine quilting service and online store located near the Werribee Plaza, Hoppers Crossing.

Our aim is to have all of your unfinished quilt tops quilted – in a fast, affordable and professional manner, so you can get on with the fun job of making more!

The Quilting Bug, established in 2010, offers a variety of quilting styles, including:

  • Edge to Edge Quilting
  • Custom Quilting
  • Light Custom
  • Heirloom
  • Stitch in the Ditch
  • Machine Basting


Visit our Quilt Preparation page to learn more about each of the different styles of quilting offered.

The Quilting Bug uses a Gammill Statler Stitcher® Machine.  The Statler Stitcher® utilizes computer software and hardware to operate a longarm quilting machine capable of stitching almost any design. A Gammill® machine equipped with Statler Stitcher® can handle an intricately patterned king-size quilt and is guided by the computer instead of by hand. The system can determine the pattern size, block size, stitches per inch, and repetitions of the pattern and the offset of the pattern.


The software packages, Precision Stitch and Creative Studio can determine pattern size, block size, stitches per inch, repetitions of the pattern and the offset of the pattern so that any design fits perfectly on any size quilt with all aspects of the patterns in proportions.